I’m fascinated with Bible characters as I dig into their histories, read about their culture, and certainly consider what life might have been like for them. Bible characters were real people who lived and breathed and walked just as you and I do. I’m collecting my writings about these characters in one location under the BibleBuildingBlocks web site, and you are free to examine the content which is arranged as links on a single page. Simply click and the article of interest will open in a new window.

Candid Characters

The latest article is a mix of fact and speculation as I consider a servant who lived in the household where Jesus held the last supper with his disciples. That large upper room was not for show, and the homeowner no doubt made it available to host many gatherings, but none with the weightiness of that special meal. The owner’s servants would usually assist in preparation, serving, and clean up, but on that historical night Jesus tasked Peter and John to make the preparations for Passover. The usually assigned servant was given the night off, and I’ve speculated about what those events meant to him and how he might have been impacted.

You can find his story here:

The Servant in the Upper Room

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Image credit: A possible seating chart for the Last Supper. Borrowed from: redeemerofisrael.org