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Pay Attention to the Verbs


My heart hurts for people who believe that the world just happened. Society has matured, many think, to advance beyond the need to believe in a Creator. Through science we will eventually, they posit, explain everything and master our environment while bending it to shape our will. And we can do it all without the […]

Make the Right Turn


Remember paper maps? And the challenge of folding them back into their proper form? Or those detailed book maps with their dozens of pages showing main streets, side streets and points of interest? Technology has relegated such devices to the past, I guess, though I must confess I still prefer a paper map for an […]

God is Responsive

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Each of us must choose his God. It’s a personal decision and certainly one of grave importance. Some opt to “wait and see,” but that in itself is a choice. Others choose to mix a bit of this with a dash of that to create a god of their own making. That trend represents nothing […]

Swimming in the Storm


On the 17th of December, 2020, I posted a new page to the TransformingTidbits section of the BibleBuildingBlocks site with the title, Asleep in the Storm. Though I cannot recall all the life details which prompted the writing I know the look into Scripture encouraged me. I am sure you can relate because storms in […]

Setting Goals For 2022


I grew up in West Virginia in a part of Kanawha County that bordered open lands upon which I had permission to roam, and roam I did. My brothers and I were outside more than inside or so it seemed. Hiking became a year-round activity—sometimes with a defined purpose and sometimes just because the woods […]

Gems from the Writings of McCheyne


Robert Murray McCheyne was a minister in the Church of Scotland in the early 1800’s. Born in 1813, and licensed to preach in 1835 his ministry though short had great impact, and his writings are treasured by many of the Christian faith. McCheyne died in 1843 at the young age of twenty-nine. My library includes […]