How easily we can become discouraged as we consider our lack of followers or our unpolished gifts set and think that our contribution to the kingdom of God lags that of the heavy hitters, the big names. And then we study a Bible character like John Mark and suddenly we get it.

The latest CandidCharacter study from BibleBuildingBlocks, Voted Most Likely to Fail, dives into the life of John Mark. He was not a Peter, or a Paul, or an Apollos. His name does not appear in the list of the closest disciples of Jesus. No miracles or mighty deeds are attributed to Mark who is not named in the Gospel record.

Mark was an average guy who never shook the earth or drew abundant crowds. His was a supporting role, yet the contributions God drew from this seemingly insignificant life amaze the Scripture explorer who digs them out.

God expects us to take what He has given us and use it in His power for His purposes. What about our failures or false starts? God works right through them. He is amazing as is His grace. He can work wonders through us if we only let Him lead.