Edith Deen (1955) and Herbert Lockyer (1967) composed books bearing the same title, All the Women of the Bible. Deen included an alphabetical listing of 189 women. Lockyear’s count stands at 179 as names are duplicated. In addition the authors mention unnamed women from the pages of Scripture. BibleBuildingBlocks has released the latest in the Candid Character bio series with a close-up of a group of these unnamed ladies. You can read their story at: Women Without Their Mirrors.

Moses referred to them as “serving women who served at the doorway of the tent of meeting” as though everyone in camp knew who they were. Did they simply band together and serve? No record is given for their call. No description is provided detailing their responsibilities. The word used to describe their mission is a military term translated other places as “assemble, fight, muster, or war.” Those ladies became a serving army, and their commitment led them to sacrifice some important possessions.

In a single verse of Scripture we are given a snapshot into their hearts. And it is the heart’s condition that matters for God-followers.

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