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Be the Best Spork You Can Be

Garden Sporks (1)

Who really wants to be the Spork at God’s table? Wouldn’t we rather jump into a silver role, or perhaps jostle for the stainless steel positions? Even reusable picnic-ware beats becoming the humble and disposable Spork. Or does it? For those who don’t know a Spork is a combination SPoon and fORK. According to Wikipedia, […]

Unmasking Satan

Unmasking Satan

Is Satan real or just an imaginary character devised to teach us about evil? Is his power for evil equal to God’s power for good? Does Satan rule in hell? If I saw him would I recognize him by the red suit, pointed tail, horns and pitch fork? Can Satan make me sin? How would […]

The Value of a Solid Guarantee


Remember that guy who used to attend your church? We’ll call him Joe. Joe volunteered and served and helped in any way possible. Do you ever wonder why Joe dropped by the wayside or what happened to him? Though we might consider many conjectures the truth is that Joe grew disillusioned with God. Joe prayed […]

Cultivate and Keep

Retirement brings some degree of quiet. For me that development is a welcomed change after years in noisy engineering labs surrounded by industrial fans and beefed up cooling units. Even the cubical farm offices I occupied came with an abundance of racket from Loud Howard’s endless shouting into his speaker phone to the dozens of […]

What is your mandate?

Coveralls on Rack

Some believers try to clothe everyone with one-size-fits-all coveralls when it comes to ministry. We are supposed to talk the same, like and do the same things, feel the same burdens, and follow one narrow avenue of service which is often held up as the only acceptable path for a believer. The Apostle Paul, evangelistic […]

God Upholds Us

God Upholds Us

In these times of upheaval and uncertainty can we know anything for certain? Or is life a sequence of random events? Even stalwart believers in Jesus Christ struggle as wave after wave of adversity crash over us. We struggle to catch our breath, and some days we stumble through our routine in a daze. We […]