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Swimming in the Storm


On the 17th of December, 2020, I posted a new page to the TransformingTidbits section of the BibleBuildingBlocks site with the title, Asleep in the Storm. Though I cannot recall all the life details which prompted the writing I know the look into Scripture encouraged me. I am sure you can relate because storms in […]

A Fresh Sheet of Paper


Word problems in math class. That phrase either excites or terrorizes you. Word problems represent an attempt on the textbook author’s part to apply math to the real world and demonstrate how and where we might someday use the principles we were learning. Once I got the hang of solving word problems they seemed the […]

God is God Even in February


February 2022 turned out to be a page I was happy to rip from the calendar. Ugh! I had injured my back in late January and entered the month hobbling and unable to do much. Just when some improvement arrived I twisted it again chiseling ice off the truck window and faced additional days of […]

John Mark: Most Likely to Fail

Gospel of Mark

How easily we can become discouraged as we consider our lack of followers or our unpolished gifts set and think that our contribution to the kingdom of God lags that of the heavy hitters, the big names. And then we study a Bible character like John Mark and suddenly we get it. The latest CandidCharacter […]

Serving in the Upper Room

Last Supper Seating

I’m fascinated with Bible characters as I dig into their histories, read about their culture, and certainly consider what life might have been like for them. Bible characters were real people who lived and breathed and walked just as you and I do. I’m collecting my writings about these characters in one location under the […]