I find it easy to hop onto my spiritual soapbox to judge certain Bible characters. Like Adam who just had to taste that fruit. Or Samson who could not control his lust. Or Achan who thought he could get away with stealing. For a brief moment I may find myself feeling superior as I think, “I would never fall for that!”

And then I recall the words of James who described God’s Word as a mirror. If I but slow down and examine my own heart I may find myself and my struggle in the account I just read. I’m human just like the people in God’s Word. I have the potential (and the likelihood) of stumbling just as they did.

I’d like to share a new character study from the BibleBuildingBlocks Candid Characters archive titled:

What was Achan thinking?

I began my study judgmentally and ended thinking, “I could fall into that same trap. I better be on guard and step carefully.”