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What is your mandate?

Coveralls on Rack

Some believers try to clothe everyone with one-size-fits-all coveralls when it comes to ministry. We are supposed to talk the same, like and do the same things, feel the same burdens, and follow one narrow avenue of service which is often held up as the only acceptable path for a believer. The Apostle Paul, evangelistic […]

God Upholds Us

God Upholds Us

In these times of upheaval and uncertainty can we know anything for certain? Or is life a sequence of random events? Even stalwart believers in Jesus Christ struggle as wave after wave of adversity crash over us. We struggle to catch our breath, and some days we stumble through our routine in a daze. We […]

Load Limits

Wire Shelf

Our closets came with wire closet shelving sections mounted to angled support rods firmly fastened into sheetrock anchors. The entire system represents a challenge, like a game, where one adds items until the shelf collapses and the game ends. The home center offers handy brochures along with the shelving to explain all the options and […]

Introducing RewriteRetirement


In coming weeks I will post articles to my blog tagged with the RewriteRetirement badge shown above. With as much openness as I can muster I will share what I am learning in this new stage of my life. Hopefully my experiences looking forward to, planning for and living in retirement will help or at […]

Preview of 2021

In 2021 we will focus the posts for the NicholsNotes blog into five categories as described below. Your feedback, comments, and insights are always welcome. And please, when you find one of the articles to be helpful share it on your social media platform using the link at the bottom of the post. We rely […]

The Inclined Christmas Tree

The Inclined Christmas Tree

From a Christmas past: The evening grew later as I horsed the over-sized fir tree through the dining room into the living room trailing a wave of needles behind me. I had trimmed the base to create a new entry point for water and took care to make the cut straight. Alas, no matter how […]