This book is for guys—married, unmarried, looking, or clueless. Guys hate lectures, touchy-feely relationship advice, discussions about personal strengths and weaknesses, and advice for getting in touch with their inner whatever. Guys need books that get to the point.

Single guys, are you interested in learning the secrets to finding a good wife? Married guys, do you need help moving your wife closer to the standard of perfection? Divorced guys, can you use helpful tips before your next dip in the marital pool?

Onnah Quest, a twenty-something seeking guidance on finding a suitable wife, discovers surprising wisdom in the experiences of ten older men who undertook that journey before him. Some were successful and enjoy solid relationships. Others can only warn the younger man of the dangers hiding along the path to matrimony and beyond.

Will Quest apply these lessons or is he destined to blaze the trail on his own?

Meet these ten men, and discover their counterparts in Scripture. Learn about their unorthodox methods for acquiring a wife including:

  • Win her heart with kindness
  • Let lust be the guide
  • Allow a trusted friend to choose
  • Snatch a woman at a party
  • Marry a woman of the night
  • Bring a captive home
  • Defend her honor
  • Hold a beauty contest
  • Believe her story

Quest for the Perfect Wife includes “Questions for Reflection and Discussion” to enable personal, couple, or group study.

Praise for Quest for the Perfect Wife from a full-time pastor:

I absolutely loved reading this book…This book is about a 20 year old young man named “Onnah Quest” searching for “the perfect wife” as he calls it. He interviews 10 older men in the town for marital advice and each story mirrors an account in the Bible. I highly recommend this book to married or unmarried men.

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John Nichols answers question about the book.

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