The Adventures of Honch Wilson, a new series for tweens (8-12), can be enjoyed by anyone. Henry “Honch” Wilson is an all-American hero, the kind of boy most parents want as a friend for their children. Henry wrestles with decisions and choices yet models solid character qualities as he tackles life’s challenges. His worldview is distinctively Christian, and while the books are not religious, Henry lives out his faith.

The setting for the series is the imaginary town of Mineville, North Carolina, nestled along the equally fictitious Bonner River. Henry created maps to help readers navigate.

Mineville Final Map Sized Low Res

Mineville…somewhere in North Carolina

Fulton County

Fulton County

Henry lives on the Wilson farm with his Dad (Bob), Mom (Maria), and one little sister (Susie). Grandpa Robert Wilson lives across Skinner Creek, and Henry’s Aunt Gwynn lives an hour north in Centerville. Bob Wilson is an engineer and works on the nearby military base. Grandpa and Aunt Gwynn are history professors. Henry has to live up to high academic expectations.

Henry is accompanied on his adventures by his best friends, Chuck and Sam. Henry is the brains of the group. Chuck is the muscle and has Henry’s back in any struggle. Sam is a Boy Scout with practical skills for wilderness survival.

Front Cover Hold Fast 585

Adventure #3, Hold Fast

Henry Wilson searches for a mysterious Civil War treasure and finds an unlikely ally on the quest. How far will evil men go to thwart the hunt? The action ratchets up until Sheriff Jones offers this observation, “The James Brothers. Lost treasure. And Henry Wilson is missing. Seems like a normal day in Mineville!”

Join Henry and his friends as they combine logic, determination, and undaunted courage to dig out the clues and piece them together in a breathtaking race to find the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands.

Sneak Preview of Adventure #3

Chapter 1

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Adventure #2, Never Give Up

A geologist with a surprising past recruits Henry, Chuck, and Sam to help her prove an unusual theory, and that search tumbles the team into danger. Henry pits his wits against those of a band of nefarious smugglers and races against the clock and mounting fears to rescue his friends. Join in the pulse-pounding excitement as Honch Wilson discovers anything is possible in Mineville.

Sneak Preview of Adventure #2

Chapter 1

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Adventure #1, Go For The Gold

What happened to Blackbeard’s treasure? Salvage operations continue off the coast of North Carolina to recover portions of Blackbeard’s command ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, but little treasure has been located. Go for the Gold, the first book in the new Honch Wilson series, is an action packed thriller aimed at reading fun for tweens. The story is set in the imaginary town of Mineville, North Carolina, nestled along the Bonner River. Henry Wilson’s ancestor, the founder of the town, collected clues about Blackbeard’s treasure, and left them behind. Henry uncovers those clues along with an ancient pirate map then embarks on a quest to find the gold. A web of evil ensnares Henry as he discovers how far some men will go for the gold. Henry teams with an FBI agent to locate a kidnapping victim and risks his life in a daring attempt to save his friends. The treasure hunt leads Henry to examine his values and discover true riches. Henry’s Grandpa and Aunt Gwynn are college professors who slip historical dialogue into the action, giving the book a solid historical component.

Sneak Preview of Adventure #1

For the adventurous readers who made it this far, here is sneak preview of Go for the Gold

Chapter 1

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