Books on leadership litter the bookstore aisles and flood the results pages of a web search. Why do we need yet another book on leadership, and what does Salvaged: Leadership Lessons from the Junkyard offer that we don’t already know? Roy Goble wrote this book from the trenches, practical experience gained over a lifetime of running companies and not-for-profit organizations. His insights are not offered from the viewpoint of either the classroom or the vaulted ivory tower penthouse. Goble writes from the junkyard where callouses and dirty clothes are the norm, and he includes a section right up front, Why Another Crappy Leadership Book?, to explain his purpose.

I found the author’s style entertaining, much like a discussion I might have with a friend over a relaxing meal. Leadership principles are amply illustrated with stories from Goble’s life. The practical advice is supported with scriptural thoughts in each chapter’s Salvaged from Scripture section. Some of these seemed underdeveloped, but then this is not a Bible study. A short summary, Lessons from the Junkyard, lists the main points for those looking to do the executive summary read through the book.

I mined several gems in my time with Salvaged including the pearl that it is OK to embrace “good enough” and “get the job done”, wisdom the author learned from his father. And the solid advice that in leadership we need to “go deep before going wide.” I parked for quite a while considering that “getting over our fear of failure will allows us to do important things.”

One distraction that reduced my experience with the book was the plethora of footnotes in a font that proved extremely difficult for a bifocal-wearing reader to see. Useful content awaits the reader, but as with most leadership books not every section will excite. All in all, Salvaged: Leadership Lessons from the Junkyard is a job well-done.

Note – Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of Salvaged: Leadership Lessons from the Junkyard to facilitate my review.


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