In 2021 we will focus the posts for the NicholsNotes blog into five categories as described below. Your feedback, comments, and insights are always welcome. And please, when you find one of the articles to be helpful share it on your social media platform using the link at the bottom of the post. We rely on word-of-mouth to spread the work to others who may have an interest.

Candid Characters


Bible characters are fascinating and the lessons they learned in eons past should not remain hidden in the sands of time. We can dig those lessons out for ourselves as we dissect the lives of these people, some well-known and some unknown. The posts will be a collaborative effort with the BibleBuildingBlocks CandidCharacters archive, a repository of original character studies available anytime for your personal benefit. Why not take a look?

God Is


This is a new series of posts to share what I’m learning as I study the attributes of God and what He has revealed about Himself. Shawn and I once worked with a children’s choir where we included a weekly segment of sharing an object lesson to help the children visualize an aspect of God and His nature. We called the segment “God is…” and the children loved it. As an example did you know that Psalm 121:5 describes God as our umbrella? Stay tuned for more.



We’ve all heard about the proverbial male midlife crisis with its drama. In the quiet guys may think about the future—health issues, being put out to pasture, and losing our significance. Some in our ranks will panic and go overboard to rediscover meaning and purpose, possibly chasing the wrong path altogether. Others will wear out the recliner and TV remote while the dreaded numbers creep up (BP, cholesterol, BMI and so on). Perhaps what we need is an upgrade to our operating system—the way we think, the value we bring to our relationships and the care we take in our walk with God. While these articles will focus on men and our issues ladies may also enjoy them. I’ve often heard women express the desire, “Oh, if only he came with a User’s Guide!” Here’s a beginning to understanding your man.



My journey to retirement has been circuitous to say the least, but I finally arrived in 2020. In these articles I will share what I am learning in this new phase of life. If you’re tired of reading “The-Sky-Is-Falling” retirement pundits with their dismal descriptions of what should be a celebration then join me for a fresh perspective. As the graphic shows I want to consider retirement as an open door with opportunities and experiences on the other side that I never dreamed possible.

Transforming Tidbits


We can use encouragement and insight from God’s Word on the journey to spiritual maturity. These posts will be a collaborative effort with the BibleBuildingBlocks TransformingTidbits archive. Articles are organized alphabetically by keyword with a navigation map to streamline the search and access is free. Visit the site and take a look.