As a Sunday school teacher and small group leader I sometimes field questions on the Christian life and specific teachings of the Bible. Inquiring learners want direction and references for further study so they may hold informed opinions. The web offers myriad sites with answers to Bible questions, and my purpose is not to compete.

Through these white papers I share notes from personal study in the hope this work will aid in your study.

Permission is granted for personal, classroom, or church group use of these papers.

Does God devalue women?

Do corporate (group) prayers have more power than individual prayers?

Are you choked with worry?

Did all the disciples forsake Jesus, or was Peter the only one?

Does the word blessed used in Matthew 5:3-11 mean the same thing as happy?

Is the word meek used in Matthew 5:5 the same as gentleness in Galatians 5:23?

What are spiritual gifts?