As a father I wanted my children to grow up to celebrate Christmas for the right reasons. We attended all the church functions surrounding the holiday with the pageantry and the concerts. We lit the candles and sang the songs but right in the middle of all of it was the tree with all the shiny lights and balls. What does that tree have to do with a manger, shepherds, wise-men and a Savior?

There is a story I have loved since I was a child, “God’s Three Trees”. It is a traditional folk tale with many variations depending on where you grew up and who told the story. In our family celebration, after the tree is up, all the house lights are turned off and a couple of candles are lit. We gather around the tree and it is my privilege to read this story to my kids as we think about our brightly shining tree and the truth that Christmas is all about the cross of Calvary. Jesus, the Greatest Gift ever given, came to be our Savior.

We added some simple decorated paper bags to go along with the story and inside each is an object that appears in the story. That lets the kids pay close attention so when we reach their part of the story they can pull out their object to share. Kids love to participate. Here are our examples.

For my fellow fathers I want to share this traditional folk tale with you in hopes your family will grow to love it as mine does. Give “God’s Three Trees” a try with your family and let us know how it goes. Merry Christmas!

PDF of the story text: God’s Three Trees

MP3 Audio File of the story: God’s Three Trees

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