Clips and links for my published work

John’s Published Work

A collection of unpublished articles. If you would like to use something, please contact me.

John’s Articles

This page is for children and parents looking for options for story time.

John’s Story Corner

My short story collection.

John’s Short Stories

A collection of word games and puzzles as I create them.

John’s Puzzles

As a teacher and small group leader I am often asked questions, “What does the Bible say about…?”. This is the archive for my finished white papers.

John’s White Papers

Book reviews of the writing references on my shelf, writing websites, and ideas for becoming a better writer. Links are always changing so please let me know if any of these are broken.

John’s Writing Resources

We all have one, that place where we deposit stuff that may prove useful at a future date yet which has no suitable location now. Over time the collection expands and contracts. One day I realized I needed such a place for items I have written and need to share. Dig in. Rummage around. See if something useful turns up.

John’s Junk Drawer