Bran Muffins Shawn Nichols (2)

The bathroom scale displays “-23 OL” which I think means “one person at a time please.” I consumed less treats this holiday season than in the past. The December 2018 baking extravaganza which traditionally fosters heightened sugar consumption never happened due to pressing issues. Shawn found time to magically deliver a plethora of goodies anyway. I confess my willing participation in tasting all of them. While rearranging the fridge early on the first day of 2019 to empty and consolidate containers I found myself holding the last piece of peanut butter fudge. There was no room in the smaller container for that orphaned delicacy. I ask you, “What would you do?”

Yes, that’s what I did. Perhaps dessert after breakfast might become a trend?

My doctor loves to open his body slams with the magical words, “as we get older…” I’m there. Metabolism slows with age (for most of us). I could once eat anything, burn it off before lunch, and be ready to refill the tank. Surfing Facebook, chasing dropped pills, sorting bills, and pontificating on government inefficiencies do not burn the same number of calories as playing a pickup game of basketball. Some days I’m certain I need help removing the pillows and lounging blankets to get off the couch, and AAA will no longer answer my calls. Possibly I dialed once too often seeking their assistance starting my rocking chair?

Bran Muffins Shawn Nichols (1)

Shawn invested time New Year’s Day spinning off a batch of her signature bran muffins. Man, if those things don’t cause a disturbance in the force you might be petrified. The muffins taste great, though, and they are good for you so I’m in. I happily washed up the muffin baking tins. I ran to the shop for a part when she commented that the oven light was no longer twinkling over her culinary creations. I know who butters my toast, and I will do anything I can to facilitate her baking bent.

Prunes On Board

Shawn added a secret ingredient to these muffins, something new for 2019. Note the dark bits in the picture. She chopped up prunes and stirred them into the batter. Prunes in bran muffins? Why? What purpose do they serve? Past experience (see The Power of Prune Juice) reveals that prunes border on the diabolical. Astute readers will note that in the center of the noun lurks this verb, R-U-N.


I threatened to eat around the prunes and leave them on the plate. That is one smart woman. She chopped the prunes into chunks too small to remove and slip under the napkin. Drat! Foiled again!

I guess Shawn wants to jump-start my 2019.

Shawn’s recipe for the muffins which she received from her Mom. The best cooks network.

What healthy foods have you resolved to consume more of in 2019?

Another prune recipe: Prune Cake