The expansive selection of available hostas almost guarantees this plant a spot in the garden. Gardeners with dappled or complete shade can take joy in the promise hostas offer for adding spectacular displays of foliage and the occasional bloom. Gardeners with full sun may find some varieties that do well in those brighter conditions with blooms that readily attract pollinators.

Resources for hosta lovers

The Hosta Library – This site is my go-to source for hosta information.  Gardeners will find a treasure trove of hosta related resources including images, expert advice, books and so on. Save time and start here.

My library includes this definitive volume. Though new hostas are introduced each year the book offers origin, description, cultivation tips, distinguishing features and suggestions for similar cultivars for a plethora of hostas. My copy is adorned with sticky tags and will accumulate notes as garden years pass.

The New Encylopedia of Hostas

Best sources for hostas

Visit your local garden shops and ask. We’ve found several hostas at flea markets and the State Farmer’s Market here in Raleigh. The age-old practice of swapping plant starts with other gardeners can also increase your collection with little effort. Web-based garden shops offering hosta cultivars through e-sales can bridge the gap between cultivars you own and cultivars you want.

Note: These links do not imply endorsement rather I am simply offering a starting point for your hosta search. Garden shops with a web presence that specialize in hostas and would like to be considered for inclusion here should contact me.

Plant Delights – Tony Avent is a nationally-known gardener who makes his home here in the Raleigh area. I’ve had the privilege of meeting him in his garden (briefly) and walking with him as he pointed out various plants he has collected over the years in his famed Juniper Level Botanic Garden. Tony’s garden business specializes in many types of plants, but his hosta offerings are amazing.

NH Hostas – I have not (yet) purchased plants from NH but often browse their site to see what I am missing in my hosta collection

Green Mountain Hosta – The site describe itself as the “Best Hosta Nursery in Vermont” and their comprehensive hosta selection supports that claim.


Our hosta collection

Visit our hosta garden at this link: Images from our hosta collection.

Ever try to walk and record a video at the same time? The iPhone’s camera does a great job filtering the shakiness.

Take a look at images of our hostas and read some of what we’ve learned in growing them. I’ve made an effort to name them though many hostas are similar. I may be off in my tagging so, hosta experts, your suggested corrections are welcome. Please use the contact form and let me know.