Moving the No Dig Garden (5)

Recently I shared our design for a No Dig Garden using a cedar raised bed outer shell with ten one cubic foot growing sections inside. The sections can be removed for planting or maintenance, and the entire garden is easily transported to a new location should such a move become necessary. Well, now that Shawn has acquired her plant content and the garden is off to the races that move has become necessary.

We have to remove the large maple tree that resides within four feet of the No Dig Garden, and that dictates relocating the heavy stone bench as well as the garden to provide working space for the tree crew. Of course, we will have a blank canvas after the work is finished where we can design a full sun bed.

Dog Issue (7)

Dog urine is an effective herbicide, something many pet owners do not consider.


Dog Issue (4)

Shawn and I walked Paths of Hope looking for the perfect spot for the No Dig Garden, and we found a gem, a problem area where in recent years we have lost a moss garden, plants and lawn to the hounds next door. Seems the dogs prefer this corner, right off the owner’s patio, as their bathroom (hence my DIY force shield and rock pile). Why not revamp that entire area? Why not bring in the beauty of an already growing garden?

I prepared the site by removing tree roots and leveling the soil. The cedar shell moved easily if I stood inside and walked while carrying it over a shoulder. Sorry, no video, but as soon as I saw it in the corner where the fences meet I fell in love with the look.

Moving the No Dig Garden (3)

I added landscaping in the form of a square planter and a large container both housing ferns and/or hostas. At some point the open “L” surrounding the No Dig Garden next to the fences will be planted with tall perennials (possibly salvia) to complete the ensemble. In the meantime I have stuffed the area with compost to try and flush out the harmful dog residue.

Moving the No Dig Garden (8)

In quick fashion an eye sore transformed into lushness. Shawn was delighted, and if Shawn is happy I am happy.

Sometimes in the garden we cannot change the conditions, but perhaps we can find an outside-the-box solution, or is it an inside-the-box solution in this case?