Glorious Shade

Part of the fun in gardening is in designing a solution that overcomes the challenges on the plot. Those with mostly shade may feel frustration over their inability to sustain a crop of veggies or annuals in such a light-deprived location. Remember the old adage that we should brighten the corner where we are? Well, to my fellow shade-owners I say, “Embrace our shade.” We can support our local farmer’s market to acquire the fresh veggies then go ahead and fill our shade with breathtaking beauty. The book to help us start well and master the process of shade gardening is Jenny Rose Carey’s work, Glorious Shade.

Carey comments (page 11), “My shade garden is a constant source of joy to me.” Then she shows others how to turn a shaded location into a source of joy for themselves. The author warns “gardening in shade is a long-term process” but the dedicated gardener understands that patience is as important as soil nutrients.

From defining types and degrees of shade to instructions for improving the soil this volume has everything for shade gardening. Multiple plant lists such as Plants for Spring Interest, Plants for Summer Interest, and Plants for Acidic Soils pepper the text making this a ready reference for gardeners on the hunt for the right plant for an open spot.

An extensive Plant Palette gives detailed information on cultivars which thrive in shade. From ground covers to plants to shrubs to trees Glorious Shade removes the guesswork from selecting and planting the right combinations for stunning displays. The author provided most of the excellent photography used in the book. While this is a volume that lends itself to browsing, Glorious Shade will become a well-worn companion for the serious shade gardener.