Field Guide to Urban Gardening

Gardening readers picking up a book with the phrase “field guide” in the title may be expecting an encyclopedia-type type book useful for identifying pests or wildlife. Kevin Espiritu has compiled from his vast gardening experiences a catalog of options for those of us who garden in limited space. If the patio or the balcony has space to host a 5 gallon bucket Field Guide to Urban Gardening offers ideas for maximizing that space and producing edible crops.

As an experienced gardener I would ascribe the term “practical” to this book. It is a joy to thumb through with its myriad photos, and as I nibbled on sections I quickly discovered I needed to slow down and munch. The author covers containers, raised beds, vertical gardening, balconies and rooftops, and several methods of gardening with hydroponics in his one-gardener-to-another style.

Espiritu urges the gardener to notice what’s going on in his own garden and states (page 49), “Paying attention in the garden is, hands down, the number one skill to practice.” Observation is how we learn, and gleaning knowledge from other gardeners runs a close second. Field Guide to Urban Gardening offers tried and proven methods to help the space-challenged gardener become successful.

Why not look for yourself?