Grandmas Touch

My granddaughter, Fern, needs a doll bed for her 18” real-looking doll. The possibility of building the bed came to my attention, and I asked for a picture as a place to start. Store-bought doll beds are pricey, I guess because the trend to own such dolls is hot, and the market will pay whatever is asked. I jumped at the chance to make my version.

Doll Bed Plan

I enlarged the image and began playing with dimensions. The bed has to be long enough to prevent Ned syndrome (you know, that character whose feet were too long for his bed).

After a quick calculation as to how much wood I would need and the approximate dimensions I headed to the home store. One never knows what one will find on the lumber racks. Sometimes the wood might be better labeled as kindling, and at other times I score nice materials. In this case I found exactly what I needed in the knot-free fir bins. It costs more than the common pine dimension lumber, but for a project like this one the uniformity is an asset.

Doll Bed 2020 (2)

I used the miter saw, the jig saw, the band saw, my drill, a random orbital sander, a trim gun, and my handy Kreg® jig for the joinery. Several time I stopped to thank God for the well-supplied workshop He has provided.

Doll Bed 2020 (3)

The bed came together quickly, and the more I saw the better I liked it. Grandma loved the finished product and will be adding some artsy crafty notions to jazz up the headboards and footboards.

I opted to make the unit a fixed bunk bed rather than two stack-able singles. That will require less floor space in Fern’s play area and bedroom. The design was simpler also.

Doll Bed 2020 (4)

I patched the pocket screw holes with wood filler and added three coats for spray paint for a durable finish. The last coat was lightly sanded using 320-grit. The bed bottoms are attached with Velcro for easy removal for cleaning, and felt furniture pads adorn the four legs to prevent scratches to the hardwood floors in Fern’s home.

Amanda Doll Bed

Years ago I made a doll bed for Fern’s mother, Amanda. In those days of yore I possessed a hammer, hand saw, a circular saw and a cheap corded drill, but we got it done. That bed became a piece of furniture which collected crumbs and spills in the cracks and crevices. It could only be cleaned with a vacuum.

I’m trying to use some Grandpa-foresight on this design. And I’m thinking next Fern needs a similarly-sized wardrobe with tiny hangers for all her doll’s clothes. What do you think?

Doll Bed 2020 (1)

Grandma decorated the bed then created pint-sized mattress pads, quilts and pillows. Fern’s dolls should rest in absolute comfort.

Fern opens her doll bed

Fern wasted no time putting her babies to bed. I think the doll bed with all the trimmings was a good gift choice.