A collection of projects created in our garden.

Cedar bench

The garden produces value in its own way. A dying cedar tree became the stimulus for a rustic cedar bench project as we turned firewood into furniture.

Rustic Cedar Bench





Chicken Coop (2)

“A chicken coop? Are you sure?” What do we do when our grown-up daughter asks our help building a chicken coop as her birthday present? We grab the tools, right? Here’s our version of the backyard coop as designed by Amanda.

Chicken Coop




Outdoor Handrail (24)Our patio door needed a handrail. Here’s my simple design.

Outdoor Handrail






Pole Lamp Grow Light (30)We needed a grow lamp above a living room garden. Several discussions led to an idea, and then it was time to move to the shop and turn the idea into reality.

Pole Lamp Grow Light




Raised Garden Bed (63)Living in a townhome implies limited garden space. We designed and constructed a raised bed adjacent to the deck to increase Michelle’s gardening space.

Raised Garden Bed




Compost Sifter (11)Organic materials do not compost at equal rates. I sift my compost to filter out pieces of pine cone, wood chips, and sticks which need longer to decompose.

Compost Sifter



Bluebird Nest Box (31)Who doesn’t love bird watching? Here’s an easy and inexpensive project you can build to attract bluebirds to your garden.

Bluebird Nest Box





Container Gardening Shelves Planted

Adding planting space to a deck requires some creativity.

Container Gardening Shelves





Container Gardening Railing Boxes (19)

No deck is complete without a couple of railing boxes or planting herb and a few flowers.

Container Gardening Railing Boxes





Potting Table (8)My daughter needed a custom potting table with innovative additions.

Potting Table





Kitchen Plant Shelf (48)The window above the sink was the perfect location for an indoor garden. All we needed was a suitable shelf.

Kitchen Plant Shelf





PVC Trellis (15)A collection of scrap PVC pipe became the bones of trellis for my planned cucumber vines.

PVC Trellis





Seed Starting Station (7)

Growing plants from seeds can be rewarding. Here’s my low-cost solution to starting seeds.

Seed Starting Station




Unity Table (36)What a joy to celebrate the bride and groom! Michelle’s wedding plans call for a custom table for the unity portion of the ceremony.

Wedding Unity Table


The maple tree by the front entrance is beautiful but prevents gardening in that location. We designed the No Dig Garden to address the issue.

No Dig Garden


Shawn asked for a better way to archive her kitchen knives.

Kitchen Knife Shelf


Doll Bed 2020 (1)My granddaughter is into dolls now, and needs a suitable bed for her baby.

Baby Doll Bed




Blade Holder LoadedShawn needed a safe method for storing her razor-sharp food processor blades.

Food Processor Blade Storage