“How To” articles from my garden to yours.

Yard Drainage 1 (32)Here are three drainage applications. Each has a unique flavor.

Yard Drainage 1

Yard Drainage 2

Yard Drainage 3


Layering Woody Plants (44)Have you tried to propagate any of your woody plants? In this case I used layering and soon had a healthy clone.

Layering Woody Plants




Relocating Woody Plants (61)Sometimes a plant ends up in the wrong spot and the gardener must move t or lose it.

Relocating Woody Plants



Starting Seeds (24)When the garden shops do not carry the plants we want we have an option. We can buy seeds and grow our own plants.

Starting Seeds



Path Design (3)The eroded path through the garden needed a facelift. Sometimes we have to change direction mid-stream.

Path Design