Wood projects and home improvement ideas.

Corner Shelf (5)Michelle needed a solution for using the space above her fireplace. Here’s our innovative corner shelf.

Corner Shelf


Laundry Coatrack (17)The worn floor, scarred paint, and the popcorn ceiling meant we’re ready for an upgrade. Paint, new tile, fresh trim, and an innovative coatrack made the difference in this tiny laundry room.

Laundry Coatrack


Office Chair Mat Update (2)What’s a home office without a desk and chair? And how can the user operate the chair safely without a quality chair mat? My chair mat succumbed after years of use, and the price of new ones staggered my conservative financial senses. Here’s my solution.

Chair Mat


Rustic Light (26)The modern fixture above my daughter’s farm table seemed out of place. This rustic light project spanned about two years with part of that time used to dry the wood and part used for procrastination on my part.

Rustic Light


Completed Wall of ShelvesOur living room needed an update.We replaced two end tables and the TV table with shelves which opened needed floor space.

Wall of Shelves



Step Stool In Use (2)My first project for granddaughter Fern is an easy-to-build but sturdy step stool.

Step Stool



Hoop Light (3)The expression is “you break it you buy it.” I broke Michelle’s entry way light, and we created her dream replacement.

Hoop Light



Drywall Repair (3)Drywall repair need not be intimidating. Leave the big jobs for the pros but you can do simple repairs and save money.

Drywall Repair



Receptacle Replacement (7)When a receptacle stops functioning or becomes intermittent it is time for a replacement. Here’s how I do it.

Receptacle Replacement




Timer Switch (17)The light in our closet seemed to be left in the on position quite often. I installed a timer switch to address the problem.

Timer Switch




Child's Craft Table (4)

Granddaughter Fern needs a place to draw, paint, play with play-dough and enjoy a tea party.

Child’s Craft Table