Round Tuit (2)

A tuit begins life as round object. For simple tuits use a mayonnaise jar lid, cardstock trimmed to a circle, paper plates, or coasters. Paint and decorate to satisfy your personal tastes.

I wanted a tuit to hang on the wall of my study and chose wood as the medium. The local craft store may offer wood circles if you do not have tools for cutting your own.

Any piece of wood and a hole saw will make a tuit blank, although I wish you luck carving letters into a very small cutout. I saved the 6” cutouts made by the hole saw in my recent Cornhole project. The hole left by the pilot bit was easily removed with wood filler and sandpaper.

Round Tuit (4)

A template will help with the lettering. I selected a font/size that would be easy to carve and printed the guide to tape in place across my tuit. Next time I will use cardstock and higher grade tape as the template did not stay in place through the carving process.

Note: Professional graphics designers experience an urge to retch when viewing Comic Sans so it may be best to avoid that particular font. I chose Copperplate Gothic Bold because the name is cool and the letters seemed easier for carving. Use script fonts if your carving skills are top notch.

Another option is to cut out the letters to make a paint template and spray or brush the text. The painted tuit bypasses the carving described below and would be a better choice when younger children are making tuits for Dad and Grandpa. As a Dad may I suggest leaving your child’s painted handprint on the back along with the child’s name and the date? The tuit moves from trinket to treasure in a snap.

Take a few minutes to set up a work area. My Workmate™ clamped the tuit securely. I moved my stool/spray paint stand into position having every intention of working in comfort. (Note the cool pattern left from painting the patio chairs.)

Round Tuit (6)

The rotary tool belonged to my late woodworking brother, Jeff, and I use it with pride. For a moment I seem to feel him smiling over my shoulder. For goodness sakes, people, love on your family and makeup with any sibling you are at odds with. Do it now before he or she is gone. Don’t wait till you get a round tuit. Jeff and I enjoyed so many times together and made so many memories. I miss him and those memories are what I have to hold to.

Install eye protection before spinning the bit and launching airborne particles. Nothing ruins a project like an injury, and eyes are magnets for splinters.

Round Tuit (9)

I used the rotary tool to trace the outlines of the letters then removed the remaining paper scraps.

Round Tuit (11)

Carve till your letters meet your exacting standards of craftsmanship. Take your time, and savor the rich aroma of the sawdust floating into your nostrils.

Round Tuit (11)

My tuit is nearly ready. I carved a teardrop shaped hole in the back for hanging. A small hole drilled through the tuit for a finishing nail will work as a simple hanger, too.

Round Tuit (14)

The tuit hangs among the artwork decorating my study. It stands as my reminder to watch out for the Dread Pirate Procrastination.

Do you know someone who would benefit from a personal tuit? Make several, and share with friends and loved ones. You will never have to use that trite excuse, “I’ll do it when I get a round tuit.”