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A Fresh Start for Solomon’s Seal

Solomon's Seal (3)

In a June 2018 article, Solomon’s Seal, I reported that the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families recognizes seventy-four species and hybrids of Solomon’s Seal (polygonatum). I have three cultivars in my garden, and each contributes its special accents. I enjoy the annual display of polygonatum biflorum, a native North Carolina perennial, which required several […]

The Garden Cathedral

Praise the Creator 2021 (3)

Some people think we have to occupy a pew to truly worship God. I find that God is present and ready to meet me anytime and anywhere I take the time to quiet myself before Him and to seek Him. Even in the garden? Yes, as a matter of fact God placed the first man […]

The Lost Pumpkins

Pumpkins on the vine

At the close of my first grade year we left our rented city home with its tiny yard and moved miles into the country to the house my Dad finished building next to the hillside that stopped about five feet from the back wall. Our home joined eight others already in place in one of […]

A Pig in a Poke

Pig in a Poke

My grandparents were hillbillies. In our sensitive world, where folks find offense in the most unbelievable sources, the term “hillbilly” might be misconstrued. My grandparents took care of their families and their neighbors. Their knowledge of growing and harvesting carried them through the Great Depression and set them up for lives of self-sufficiency. Read that […]

Labeling That Lasts

Grand Tiara Garden Tag

I know a Japanese maple enthusiast who quotes the names and characteristics of each of the trees in his impressive collection. That proficiency does not apply to me. With twenty-five or so hosta varieties and more than a dozen types of salvia I need help to recall names. If I am completely honest I often […]

Worthless or Valuable in the Garden?

Sweet Gum Balls (2)

I’ve begun waking the garden beds for spring. That includes raking any leaves that blew in over the winter months and pulling the weeds which sprouted through the mulch. I added two wheelbarrow loads of compost to the vegetable garden, and this year I will not till it in. I will disturb only as much […]