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Mentoring and Butterflies

Mentoring and Butterflies

Shawn and I chalked up many hours in 2018 traveling from North Carolina through Virginia to West Virginia, and we grew to appreciate our stops at the interstate rest areas in NC and VA. Both NC and VA invest in landscaping at these facilities including some impressive wildflower plantings. Pollinators, including Monarch butterflies, face a […]

Not Everything Works as Planned

Carrot Harvest Epic Fail

Garden web site curators and bloggers love to sprinkle their prose with stunning pictures of perfect plants and blooms. Books with a gardening theme include a bounty of glossy images with unspoiled backgrounds. Those who garden in the real world—hordes of Japanese beetles, critters that dig in the soft soils of our garden beds, and […]

The Love Triangle

Unity Table (37)

As we plan and prepare for Michelle’s wedding there are items that uniquely fall onto my list such as the table for the unity portion of the ceremony. For an outdoor wedding planned for a beautiful garden in January in North Carolina, I know that table better show up on time and make a statement. […]

Hypocrisy in the Garden

Removing the Oak Tree Nov 2018 (3)

Many years ago, as I marched the land set aside for what is now my neighborhood, I searched for the perfect building lot. I found a winner, one which had a maturing oak anchoring what would become the backyard. The tree had a slight lean, but I was certain that with the removal of the […]

We Need An Anchor

Lawn Root Issue

The debate waffled for a year. Do we remove the mature poplar from the front garden, the tree that our daughter planted more than thirty years ago? I remember that adorable child bringing a tiny sprout with two leaves and asking where she might plant it. We chose the spot and tended it. God did […]