Most of my successful professional activities involve organization. Some people thrive on chaos and love a messy desk stacked high with piles of important items but clutter swamps my limited processing capacity. I like a clean desk with labeled files and pens in the proper location. I despise wasting time searching for something I know I left on the desk or looking for a quote I am sure I highlighted in one of the many books in my office.

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I keep a pile of scrap paper, paper I ran through my printer creating rough drafts. I cut it into quarters and save it for note paper. Judging by the height of the current stack, I do considerable rough drafting. But scattering notes across my desk increases my chances of losing something or simply being overwhelmed by the stack should it collapse. I needed a better solution, preferably an electronic one.

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I searched the web and tried a few free download products and then I found this website:

AZZ Cardfile

The site offers a single product with this description: “azzCardfile is Windows program that helps manage any personal information like addresses, phone numbers, references, notes, recipes. It can serve as personal organizer, contact manager, address book, rolodex, personal information manager (PIM) or small database.”

The product was created in Lithuania and the company is staffed by two guys. You read that correctly. Antanas Zdramys is a professional programmer who wanted a good way to organize anything. Antanas describes the problem he set out to solve, “I just needed a simple, small notebook with the ability to locate an item quickly. I wanted something that consisted of empty cards – without predefined fields.” In 1998, AZZ Cardfile was born. Antanas has since been joined by Rytis Zumbakis who created and now maintains their website.

The product is easy to use. I have a card file for the books I read, another where I keep track of great opening lines, and a third where I can easily track quotes I may want to use for reference. Think of a physical index card that can have anything written on it and can be shoved into whatever card file box makes sense. But the card created in AZZ Cardfile is easily modified, unlike a paper card.

The product license is sensible: “Version 4.x, Single PC or Single User License, $29.95 per user or PC. One registered copy of AZZ Cardfile may … be used by a single person on one or more computers…” Nice. I don’t need two separate copies of the software, one for my desktop and one for my laptop. Microsoft, are you paying attention?

If you need some organization for your desk, try out AZZ Cardfile.