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Discovering My Ambitions


An approach to life which does not identify personal ambitions or which focuses on wrong ambitions can lead to missed opportunities. Ambitions keep me focused on the big picture while the goals I set and pursue serve as my compass to direct the steps of the journey. The desire to accomplish something is not the […]

Choose Ambitions Wisely


As I worked my way through the books of Kings and Chronicles I noted a concerning pattern of behavior. I found examples of men who started well but dropped their guard and tumbled into depravity as age and experience increased. Jehoshaphat, Joash, and Uzziah all made the list. Did pride displace their youthful dependence on […]

Cultivate and Keep

Retirement brings some degree of quiet. For me that development is a welcomed change after years in noisy engineering labs surrounded by industrial fans and beefed up cooling units. Even the cubical farm offices I occupied came with an abundance of racket from Loud Howard’s endless shouting into his speaker phone to the dozens of […]

Introducing RewriteRetirement


In coming weeks I will post articles to my blog tagged with the RewriteRetirement badge shown above. With as much openness as I can muster I will share what I am learning in this new stage of my life. Hopefully my experiences looking forward to, planning for and living in retirement will help or at […]