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Experience God Unfiltered

This image shows the globular cluster NGC 6380, which lies around 35 000 light-years from Earth, in the constellation Scorpio (The Scorpion).

We’re going to dissect two examples from Scripture portraying people who came face-to-face with the possibility of having a relationship with God. How did each handle the opportunity? The first group, Israel gathered at the base of Mount Sinai, opted for a filtered experience. The second, the believers in Berea, refused to outsource their spiritual […]

The Value of a Solid Guarantee


Remember that guy who used to attend your church? We’ll call him Joe. Joe volunteered and served and helped in any way possible. Do you ever wonder why Joe dropped by the wayside or what happened to him? Though we might consider many conjectures the truth is that Joe grew disillusioned with God. Joe prayed […]

God Upholds Us

God Upholds Us

In these times of upheaval and uncertainty can we know anything for certain? Or is life a sequence of random events? Even stalwart believers in Jesus Christ struggle as wave after wave of adversity crash over us. We struggle to catch our breath, and some days we stumble through our routine in a daze. We […]