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John Mark: Most Likely to Fail

Gospel of Mark

How easily we can become discouraged as we consider our lack of followers or our unpolished gifts set and think that our contribution to the kingdom of God lags that of the heavy hitters, the big names. And then we study a Bible character like John Mark and suddenly we get it. The latest CandidCharacter […]

Serving in the Upper Room

Last Supper Seating

I’m fascinated with Bible characters as I dig into their histories, read about their culture, and certainly consider what life might have been like for them. Bible characters were real people who lived and breathed and walked just as you and I do. I’m collecting my writings about these characters in one location under the […]

The Gift of Mirrors

Egyptian Bronze Mirror 800 BC

Edith Deen (1955) and Herbert Lockyer (1967) composed books bearing the same title, All the Women of the Bible. Deen included an alphabetical listing of 189 women. Lockyear’s count stands at 179 as names are duplicated. In addition the authors mention unnamed women from the pages of Scripture. BibleBuildingBlocks has released the latest in the […]

Spotlight on Jabez


A new Candid Character profile from BibleBuildingBlocks is posted. Check out Jabez Nailed Prayer and discover the four requests Jabez asked of God. Jabez’s single recorded accomplishment reflects that he rose above his less-than-desirable name to excel at living to please God. The Scripture states plainly: Jabez was more honorable than his brothers… 1 Chronicles […]