You read the famous cheese book and digested its message. Perhaps it even moved you. Now here’s your chance for a fresh perspective, an opportunity to understand cheese from the bottom up.


Corporate executives love Spencer Johnson’s masterpiece, Who Moved My Cheese? It seems to evoke warm fuzzy feelings that lend credence to their decisions to abuse and misuse the guys at the bottom of the corporate food chain, the lowly workers. The pond scum at the bottom of the corporate ladder should, in the eyes of management, be flexible, adjustable, adaptable and ready to do whatever the corporate heads demand. Complaints by workers, demands for accountability in management, or suggestions for improvement in the business picture are neither solicited nor welcomed. Employees should simply run around the maze looking for cheese, and jump into a new maze as often as required. Then all will be well with the world. For all you worker bees out there who are tired of assuming the corporate position, read on. This story is for you. This is “cheese” from another angle.

Topics include:

  • If you can’t smell the cheese, something is wrong.
  • If you aren’t getting cheese, get out of the mine.
  • You can’t dig cheese, if you’re stuck in meetings all day.
  • The more you want the cheese, the lower you may stoop to grab it. 
  • You can’t get cheese, without a little digging.
  •  Not everyone likes the same kind of cheese.
  • You may keep more of your cheese if you stop to sniff it once in a while.
  • Cheese by any other name still smells.
  • Playing with cheese toys is more fun than working.

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