Unmasking Satan Cover 585

Followers of Jesus Christ face an enemy who has perfected his weapons and strategies through centuries of observing the human race. Like a fisherman whose tackle box brims with cunning devices of various shapes and colors this adversary chooses the perfect bait and seductively dangles it before us hoping we will bite. He then sets the hook and reels us into sin.

Why is this fisherman effective? Many professing believers are woefully ignorant of this antagonist we call Satan. We cannot defend against such a powerful enemy when we know so little about him.

Do you want to know more about Satan’s weapons? Would principles for combating his attacks help in your spiritual walk? Unmasking Satan has been written for your benefit. The book can serve as the curriculum for a personal or group study and is organized as an easy-to-read reference for those who desire to learn more. Join me as we take on the challenge of Unmasking Satan, our chief adversary. Together we can operate from the standpoint of knowledge rather than ignorance when it comes to this potent enemy.

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