“Grandpa’s gifts to me were not things I could hold in my hands… His gifts were memories that live in my heart…”

In this entertaining book, John W. Nichols shares stories about his grandfather and the lessons learned from walking beside this wise man. The book is dedicated to the Miller family and reflects the impact Homer Miller had on this world.

Chapters include:

  • Grandpa’s Family
  • Grandpa’s Road
  • Grandpa’s True Love
  • Grandpa’s Outhouse
  • Grandpa’s Ingenuity
  • Grandpa’s Treasures
  • Grandpa’s Education
  • Grandpa’s Whirligigs
  • Grandpa’s Dogs
  • Grandpa’s Cellar
  • Grandpa’s Hunting School
  • Grandpa’s Faith
  • Grandpa’s Desk
  • Grandpa’s Address book
  • Grandpa’s Favorite Grandson

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