Men, your daughter’s wedding may be one of the greatest challenges and yet one of the most amazing opportunities you will ever encounter. Before you jump into the uncharted waters of planning and paying for that ceremony, read about another man’s experiences and then … charge ahead … with a clue.

From the Introduction:

 “… Let me tell you, Dad, you are standing at the threshold of what may be your greatest opportunity to be the hero in your little girl’s life and the love you demonstrate in the coming weeks can cement her heart to yours forever. This is not a job that should be ignored but it is also not a job for wimps. It’s a task for a super hero, a major assignment that can be performed by only one man on earth, the one who bears the unique title—Father of the Bride. That’s you, my friend! Grab your cape! Hitch up your tights! Get your game face on! And let’s fly into this thing together. You can do it.”


Table of Contents

  • The Stranger Who Came to Dinner
  • Princess Baby Doll Morphs into Bride-zilla
  • A Wedding Budget? You Can’t Be Serious!
  • The Guest List and Why You Need One
  • Outrageous Wedding ideas
  • Decorating for a Reasonable Price
  • Can Someone Help Us?
  • Insanity is Relative and Some of Mine are Carriers
  • How Many Photos Do We Need?
  • Marriage is Forever But How Long is a Wedding?
  • Tuning the Reception
  • Expect Unexpected Problems
  • Practical Tips to Remember
  • The Spiritual Side of Marriage

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