Go Eat The Cheese! is a tongue-in-cheek look at the mid-level management practices I observed in the engineering companies I was privileged to serve. I worked with several capable 64-bit managers during my career and treasure the experiences, but the 32-bit cheese eaters were never far away.

Follow this link for a video introduction to the book:  Go Eat The Cheese Video

My group of Test Readers spanned several career arenas, and their consensus was that the book nails the truth to the wall in its coverage of the habits of highly defective managers.

Here’s a sample of the thirty-two habits:

  • Habit #1 – Always leave on time
  • Habit #4 – Assign priority 1 to each task
  • Habit #5 – Fear smart employees
  • Habit #12 – Yo-yo early and often
  • Habit #18 – Perceive the perils of poop
  • Habit #21 – Dispense vacation guilt liberally
  • Habit #30 – Scamper up the ladder

I am hoping my former managers will buy copies for themselves and their friends. Otherwise I might have to shorten my writing career and return to the trenches. And next time around I will be less tolerant of incompetence. Just saying.

Early readers of Go Eat The Cheese! say:

“I was quite shocked at how many habits you describe are practiced at the place I work now.”
– Anonymous Engineer

“This book shows the truth about management in a sarcastic, entertaining way. Anyone in any profession will be able to relate.”
– Michelle, Assistant Manager

“I have not laughed so hard in a LONG time!!”
– Hunter, Software Engineer

“This is depressing!”
– Wife of a distraught engineer

“Well done … but some managers may take you seriously…”
– Tom, former engineering professor and company president

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