The Wayfinding Bible

We know the Bible is full of good stuff and we ought to read more of it. Perhaps we made a resolution to get through all 66 books this year. Maybe we made it as far as Leviticus before losing our way, falling behind, and giving up. What if there was an easier way to grab an overview of Scripture in a series of focused readings? What if I could zoom in on my second and third passes? Wouldn’t it be great to have maps, diagrams, photos, devotional guides, and summary charts along with the verses?

Tyndale has provided such a resource. OK, I hear you. The news that Tyndale has published a new version of the Bible may seem a humdrum announcement, until we pick up a copy of The Wayfinding Bible. For me the “Wow!” came quickly and grew stronger as I delved into the book.

The Wayfinding Bible provides colorful mileposts to carry the reader over one of three routes through Scripture. The Flyover Route is the shortest, with about 50 readings. The Direct Route uses 200 readings to dig deeper while the Scenic Route makes about 400 stops on an incredibly well-organized journey. Readings are arranged chronologically so the Psalms and Minor Prophets are laced into the Kings and Chronicles, and the Gospel readings follow events as they unfolded in the ministry of Jesus.

Side Trips satisfy the desires of adventurous souls wanting more. For example, “Who, me?”, stops at passages showing how God used unexpected people to work his plans. Scenic Overlooks reveal a variety of knowledge including the win/loss stats for Israel’s Old Testament battles, the themes covered in Proverbs, and the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah paired with the New Testament reference where the prediction was fulfilled.

The New Living Translation is easy to read and understand, making it suitable for children, teens, and adults. As a veteran Sunday School teacher I know many stumble over the language of Scripture while debates rage over the correct version. Those arguments ended for me when I became a parent. The best version is the one my daughters and students can pick up, read for themselves, and grasp the message. The Wayfinding Bible meets that requirement.

Tyndale sells the Bible in various formats including hard and soft cover, as well as an ebook format for Kindle. Not convinced? Invest a couple of minutes viewing the book trailer.

The Wayfinding Bible is suitable for personal study, family or couple devotions, discipleship training, and small group studies. Tyndale offers several free resources at their online tour site including the Flyover Route ebook, discussion guides, and promotional posters.

Having trouble with your holiday gift list? Perhaps someone you know could use the five-star blessing of a new Bible?

Note – Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of The Wayfinding Bible to facilitate this review.

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