Praying Over God's Promises

Imagine possessing an unlimited credit card whose monthly balance is paid by another. Picture someone struggling financially while that card remains forgotten in his wallet. Unfortunately that scenario describes many believers in Jesus Christ who ignore the vast treasury of God’s promises freely given and backed by His character. Thomas R. Yeakley has written Praying over God’s Promises to help believers, new and experienced, renew their prayer life by claiming this staggering array of promises.

Praying over God’s Promises is an easy read giving it appeal to a wide audience from teens to adults. The text can be covered quickly although I found myself pausing often to digest the message. Ample illustrations from the author’s personal experiences as well as the lives of others give the text a real-world flavor.

Yeakley begins with a definition of a promise, and he offers ample biblical support for the book’s content. I found the section on “Promises and Discerning God’s Will” (Page 9) helpful as God’s will is a topic of interest to discerning believers. The author explains how promises fit correctly into the search.

Chapter 4 dissects the examples of several Bible characters that included God’s promises in their prayers. Yeakley follows with a practical guide for his readers (page 50) to adopt that behavior in their own prayers.

Chapter 5 walks the reader through the important duo of faith and patience. “Many times God seems to be slow in answering our prayers.” (Page 63) Yeakley does not duck the tough issue, and he offers encouragement to his readers seeking the why.

Chapter 6 provides a diagnostic guide for troubleshooting prayers that do not seem to be working. Common abuses such as wrong theology, putting God to the test, prayers directed toward fleshly desires, and proof texting are exposed. The necessary course corrections are explained.

As an added bonus to an already great book, the Appendix includes a list of Bible promises organized by topic. Working through this section in a quiet time and/or memorizing the texts would build faith, and encourage a believer to dive deeper into a meaningful relationship with God.

Can your prayer life use some improvements? Praying over God’s Promises may be the very catalyst you need to trigger the changes.

Note – Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of Praying over God’s Promises to facilitate my review.

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