Dave Bruskas, father of four daughters, writes a book aimed at young men in their teens to twenties. Why should a prospective reader consider this book? Two decades ago, Bruskas lost an infant son. Dear Son, a message written from the heart, is the author’s answer to the question, “What lessons would I teach my son about being the man God wants him to be?” Bruskas desires to be a fatherly help to young men who do not have practicing dads of their own.

The book is written as a conversation between an older man with much life experience and a younger man who needs a clue. As a pastor, Bruskas has fulfilled this role for many, and his real world knowledge is evident in the text. Bruskas states, “But words have enormous power. They may be used to build up or tear down.” With that awareness, he strives to communicate clearly so the reader gets the message.

Chapter 5 (Provider) offers practical career advice on planning and preparing for the future. The upcoming generation may have difficulty adopting a long-range view in the preparative years following high school graduation. Bruskas spells out the issues and raises great questions to help in the planning.

Chapter 10 (Vessel) covers the need for purity and personal holiness. Bruskas explains, “your usefulness to Jesus and your fruitfulness in the church will be determined far more by your character than by your competency.” The reader is reminded that gifts and abilities belong to God and are given as an aid in serving others.

Are you a young man in your late teens or early twenties trying to find your way? Could you use some sound life advice from one who cares? Pick up your copy of Dear Son, grab a pen, and start making notes. You will find a solid return for your time investment.

Note – Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of Dear Son to facilitate this review.

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