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Setting Goals For 2022


I grew up in West Virginia in a part of Kanawha County that bordered open lands upon which I had permission to roam, and roam I did. My brothers and I were outside more than inside or so it seemed. Hiking became a year-round activity—sometimes with a defined purpose and sometimes just because the woods […]

Adjust My Spiritual Reception

Analog TV Snow

I cut the cord long before it became a bragging point for today’s hip crowd. I’ve been a customer of cable television in the past and once had an Internet-based TV provider for a six month trial. Did the benefit justify the expense? I felt that since I had paid for the service I needed […]

The New Toaster Oven Versus the Old Man

Toaster Oven 2021 (1)

Our toaster oven gave up the ghost after decades of faithful service. With a heavy heart I chucked it into the metal recycling bin destined for the solid waste collection facility’s crusher. Perhaps such an exemplary career merited a more thoughtful send-off? I quickly escaped those guilty feelings as we unpacked our gleaming new appliance. […]

Gems from the Writings of McCheyne


Robert Murray McCheyne was a minister in the Church of Scotland in the early 1800’s. Born in 1813, and licensed to preach in 1835 his ministry though short had great impact, and his writings are treasured by many of the Christian faith. McCheyne died in 1843 at the young age of twenty-nine. My library includes […]