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Memorial Day 2023

Memorial Day 2023

This rainy Memorial Day represents well the thoughts on my heart. I’m popping up memories faster than I can process them… Homer and Bob were both wounded in action. Larry was KIA in 1968. Today I would like to share memories of Larry as seen through the eyes of my brother, Jeff. These are his […]

Where are we going?


I knew the 1995 Nissan pickup would become a hit with the family when we brought it home in early 1996. That vehicle, one of the best we have ever owned, first demonstrated its faithful service that fall as Hurricane Fran devastated the Raleigh area. The truck, buried under a pile of tree debris that […]

The Power of A Hug

Power Hug

A genuine heart-felt love-motivated no-conditions-attached hug. Wow! Sometimes it’s the best gift I can give, and other times it’s the best gift I can receive. Can we ever get enough hugs? My dear friend neared the end of his long battle with cancer, and though we’d planned to get together a few times his health […]

The Artist at Fixing Things

Fix The Wright Wagon August Closeup

Ours is a world where far too many useful items end up in the landfill simply because some part broke and tossing seemed easier than repairing. That’s how we sometimes handle people and relationships, too. For some reason we think it advantageous to move on rather than fix. We sacrifice big blessings with that approach, […]

God is Responsive

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Each of us must choose his God. It’s a personal decision and certainly one of grave importance. Some opt to “wait and see,” but that in itself is a choice. Others choose to mix a bit of this with a dash of that to create a god of their own making. That trend represents nothing […]