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The image is a map. Move your cursor to the desired letter and click to be taken to the quote subjects which begin with that letter. The same map appears on all pages to allow the reader to navigate from letter to letter or to select the HOME button and return to the top level of BibleBuildingBlocks.


As I read and digest the works of others I collect a trove of quotes and ideas. Rather than keep the treasure to myself I want to share the words so that you may also benefit. I expect the collection to expand as my research continues.

Quotes are arranged alphabetically and the navigation map will streamline the search. I have included author attribution where possible. Should you use the material in your work please include the originator’s credits.

Who may benefit from this resource?

Speakers – Quotes spice up any presentation and help your audience remain connected.

Pastors  – An apt quote can make the point quickly and memorably.

Teachers – Wisdom from others adds meat to the lesson plan.

Social Media Mavens – Finding quality content for the daily post just got easier.

Readers – Need encouragement? Looking for motivation? Love to digest thoughts from others? Click a letter from the map and begin browsing.

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