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The Author’s Hidden Agenda

I struggled with English classes during my formal education. The stumbling block was the dreaded essay piece asking “What deeper meaning did the author intend by his choice of words and symbolism?” I assumed the guy wrote great white whale because he meant great white whale. I think this confusion drove me toward math and science where answers were concrete.

Now I’m that guy and rather than have you deciphering the intricate workings of my mind, let me tell you, Go for the Gold was written with a hidden motive. I want to teach my tween readers something useful, something that will help them unravel part of life. I want to provide a moral lesson in an entertaining way. As Mary Poppins taught us, “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.”

For the benefit of parents who use Go for the Gold with their children and teachers who may assign it for classroom reading, we have completed a study guide detailing the major lessons woven into the book. Discussion questions are included and for the ambitious student there is a section of questions coupled with Scripture references for even greater learning.

Go For The Gold Front Cover

The guide is free and can be downloaded in PDF format.

Happy reading!


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