Wording With Purpose

John’s Stories for Children

These are unpublished at present. For other than personal use please contact me.

A Family In Crisis PDF (280 words)




Miriam watches over her little brother.




Naarah Serves Her Master PDF (250 words)
Servant Girl

Naarah Serves Her Master


Namaan’s servant girl shares good news.


Caleb Practices Patience PDF (222 words)
Caleb Practices Patience

Caleb Practices Patience

Caleb waits patiently for God’s promise of a new home to come true.



The Man Next Door PDF (642 words)
Spooky House

The Man Next Door


Sammy learns to overcome his fear and be kind to his neighbor.



 Baseball or Chores? PDF (888 words)
Baseball or Chores?

Baseball or Chores?



Jimmy must decide to play or help a friend in need.

Does God Answer my Prayers?  PDF  (755 words)
Does God Answer my Prayer?

Does God Answer my Prayers?



Jimmy finds answers to his questions about prayer.


Protesting the Rules  PDF  (750 words)
Protesting the Rules

Protesting the Rules


Sally Zabrowski learns that her parents have good reasons for the household rules.


The Gravity of Hope    PDF   (730 words)
The Gravity of Hope

The Gravity of Hope


Professor Whizbane explains hope to his class of eager students.







Darion’s Gift   PDF   (895 words)
Gift Box

Darion’s Gift


Darion discovers he has gifts worth sharing after he gives his lunch to a man called Jesus.






George’s Garden  PDF  (960 Words)
George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver



George Washington Carver, a great man and a great American, has always been one of my heroes. This story is fact-based fiction, and offers a snapshot of what Carver was like as a boy. For more information on George Washington Carver, visit your local library. I recommend George Washington Carver by Tonya Bowden as a starting point. The book is easy to read, offers a host of pictures, and concludes with a bibliography.