Wording With Purpose

Scripture Memorization for Busy Men

If I want the right stuff exiting my mouth, I need to put the right stuff into my mind.

For me, that means investing time digesting and assimilating Scripture. There are commercial products and programs aimed at memorization, but I prefer something simple, something that works for me.

I pick favorite verses and paste them into a table in a Word document as shown.

Sample Verse Sheet

Next, I print the document on card stock, divide the blocks, and I have a personalized memory system I can stow in my pocket. I can carry one verse in my shirt pocket, and pray through it several times each day. I can keep the same verse on deck for a month if I like.

This system works at my pace. My goal is to meditate on something that helps me rather than reach a target of X verses in Y weeks. And the hidden benefit is the message latches into my heart. David put it this way:

The unfolding of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.
Psalm 119:130 (NASB)

Here’s my current set of verse cards (PDF format), 20 pages ready to print and slice. The individual verse cards measure 1.9” x 3.3” (or 4.8 cm x 8.4 cm if you prefer metric measurements). I’ve also provided the blank template (saved as RTF) to assist you in creating your own custom list of verses.

John’s Verse Cards

Verse Card Template

Get started. Keep at it. Never quit.