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New Daddy Survival Kit


NicholsNotes New Daddy Survival Kit

NicholsNotes New Daddy Survival Kit

Do you know a prospective Daddy-to-be? Want to help with his transition to Daddy-hood? Why not put together a New Daddy Survival Kit to give him an idea of what is coming?

Shopping List

Visit your local big box store or discount store. Some items may not be available in your area so substitute as needed. Not counting the $20 bill and the duct tape which I already had my total was ~$30 if you need a budget number.

Find a suitable box to hold the kit. The size depends on the number of items to be included. I found a Sterllite 6″x11”x14″ box which easily holds the kit, and can be reused later. A tackle box, tool box, or even a bucket will work.

  1. 4×6 or 5×7 or picture frame
  2. Sidewalk chalk
  3. Eraser
  4. Pocket pack of tissues
  5. Band aids (novelty)
  6. Barrel of Monkeys game
  7. Gold Fish crackers
  8. $20 bill
  9. Baby wipes
  10. Gloves
  11. Clothes pins
  12. Tongs
  13. Tylenol Tension headache
  14. Ear plugs
  15. Duct Tape
New Daddy Survival Kit (3)

NicholsNotes New Daddy Survival Kit Assembly

Labels to add to the items

What do these items have to do with a new Daddy? Here’s where the fun happens. Ham it up, improvise, and make the kit your own. My lines are only suggestions, but if you are pressed for time or creatively challenged I’m including a PDF file with printable tags. You are welcome to print and share these.

New Daddy Survival Kit cover art.

Printable tags.

Picture frame – Create an insert with these instructions. Click for a Picture Frame Insert (PDF) ready to print.
1. Insert child’s picture here.
2. Set frame on desk at work.
3. Show everyone.

Sidewalk chalk – “Like sidewalk art after a heavy rain, the coming years will pass quickly. Enjoy your new role as Daddy!”

Big eraser – All of us, dads and kids alike, make mistakes.

Pocket pack of tissues – Tears happen. Be prepared to heal a tiny broken heart. A tissue from Dad and a tight hug work wonders.

Band-Aids (Look for fun Band-Aids) – Be prepared for bumps and scrapes. Make space in your wallet for a pair of Band-Aids and be Daddy-on-the-spot.

Barrel of Monkeys – It’s OK to go bananas. Laugh, play, and build memories your child will treasure.

Gold Fish crackers – A quick snack can curb grouchiness for Dad and his kids.

$20 bill – Hire a sitter and take Momma for an ice cream. Remember grandparents will babysit for free.

Baby wipes – Children are messy and emit substances that run the spectrum from sticky to stinky. Keep a supply of wipes handy in the home, car, stroller, diaper bag, Momma’s purse…

Gloves – New fathers often feel squeamish at the thought of touching certain baby byproducts. Gloves will help until you’ve had your arm in the toilet up to the elbow to retrieve a lost toy. After that nothing will bother you.

Clothes pins – Just in case the kid does a doozy. I mean you do have to breathe.

Tongs – For safe handling of soiled diapers and baby wipes. Do not use on the child.

Tylenol Tension headache – Take two and keep away from children until symptoms dissipate.

Ear plugs – There is a reason the adult’s high frequency auditory response declines with age. Save your hearing as you marvel at the volume those tiny lungs produce.

Duct Tape – Diaper tapes often fail resulting in a toxic waste spills. Warning – duct tape is not an approved child restraint.

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