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DIY Marriage Repair

This idea was designed for group use but is, with some imagination, easily adapted for a private husband/wife date.

DIY Marriage Repair Kit

Are you the one planning your group’s next Valentine’s Day get together? Need a great idea for a Valentine’s Day activity?

Our small group made reservations at a reasonably priced restaurant for a couple’s night out. After the meal we passed out these simple low-cost Marriage Repair Kits (one per couple) and discussed the items. The activity is great for laughs but also reminds us of the serious side of making our marriages work.

Choose simple white, pink, or red paper lunch bags and adorn them with hearts/ribbons to heighten their presence around the table.

Each bag should contain:

  • Hershey’s hugs and kisses
  • Glue stick
  • Rubber band
  • Salt packet
  • 2 pennies
  • Large button
  • Pocket-sized pack of tissues
  • Roll of LifeSavers®
  • Tea bag
  • Get out of doghouse free cards
  • Summary card

What lessons do these items teach?

  • Hershey’s hugs and kisses – We need to smooch more and talk less.
  • Glue stick – We covenant to stick together and make our marriage work. Accept no other options.
  • Rubber band – Marriage requires flexibility. Bend and stretch as required.
  • Salt packet – Sometimes we have to take things with a grain of salt.
  • 2 pennies – We need extra sense so we can pick our battles.
  • Large button – Buttoning our lips gives a chance to think about our words and avoid hurtful responses.
  • Pocket-sized pack of tissues – Love means being there with a soft shoulder, listening ears, and a willingness to dry our mate’s tears.
  • Roll of Lifesavers® – When problems seem overwhelming Lifesavers really help. Pop one in. Sit and think for a while. Repeat as needed.
  • Tea bag – When we find ourselves in hot water we can share a cup of tea. Listen as you sip together.
  • 2 Get Out of the Doghouse Free cards – Both parties in the marriage agree to accept the card as “payment in full” to settle any one issue in the coming year. That issue is forever off the books never to be rehashed.

Resources to make your event successful:

DIY Marriage Repair Summary card

Sheet of 8 Chance Get Out Of Doghouse cards

Sheet of 8 Community Chest Get Out Of Doghouse cards

Bible Verses on Marriage