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From Trouble Spot to Hidden Gem

Closed Gate

Most gardeners face the challenge of an area where, despite extensive efforts, little will grow. And gardeners refuse to give up on that trouble spot as we see it as an empty canvas waiting for a garden painting. We determine to turn that sliver of land into a hidden gem if at all possible. We […]

Book Review: Apartment Kitchen Gardening

Book Review: Apartment Kitchen Gardening

In his book, Apartment Kitchen Gardening, James Jacques has written a practical guide for those who desire to grow edibles in small spaces. Why should the restrictive gardening space of an apartment or townhome prevent us from growing some of our food? Jacques presents helpful suggestions for planting, growing, and harvesting vegetables, fruits, herbs and […]

Keep the Black-Eyed Susans

Keep the Black-Eyed Susans

Black-eyed susans try to conquer our zone 7 garden with volunteer plants popping up in other beds. An invasive root system branches in all directions to expand the colony in that way. We attempted, several seasons back, to eradicate the plant, but black-eyed susans find a way to grow. After witnessing the number of pollinators […]

Funky Fungus Gnats

fungus-gnat closeup

They see you when you’re sleeping. They know when you’re eating. They can tell when you’re fully engrossed in a movie and recognize the perfect moment to launch their surprise attacks. These carbon dioxide-seeking missiles have never seen a nostril too prim for a joy ride or an ear canal too waxy for an exploration. […]

The Saga of Witchhazel

Unable to find a specimen in local garden shops I mail-ordered a bare-root witchhazel, witchhazel vernal, with its promise of orange and yellow blooms during the drab days of winter. Our eastern-most front garden had the perfect opening created by the move of a Black Diamond crape myrtle. What better place to share a bonfire […]