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Book Review – The Book of Amazi...

Book Review – The Book of Amazing Stories

Robert Petterson’s new work, The Book of Amazing Stories, is a great read. The author has distilled ninety events from the lives of historical characters into two to three page stories that keep the reader guessing until the final paragraphs. Who is the author describing? As the clues unfold the reader races to discover the […]

Book Review – Championship Gran...

Book Review – Championship Grandfathering

On February 3, 1852, Henry David Thoreau wrote these words in his journal, “The forcible writer stands boldly behind his words with his experience. He does not make books out of books, but he has been there in person.” That description readily applies to Championship Grandfathering, the new book from Carey Casey. Casey writes from […]

Book Review – Praying the Psalm...

Book Review – Praying the Psalms

As I read Tyndale’s description of Praying the Psalms I knew I wanted to read the book. The Psalms have always touched my heart, and I looked forward to walking through a selection of these treasures with author Ben Patterson. My copy arrived, and with its handy size and leather-like binding, I knew this would […]

Book Review- 60 Days of Happiness

Book Review- 60 Days of Happiness

Author Randy Alcorn has taken his larger book, Happiness, and distilled out 60 daily devotional studies in this compact book, 60 Days of Happiness. Alcorn invites readers to (page xiii), “join me in meeting the happy God on these pages and the pages of the Bible.” Each chapter of 60 Days of Happiness begins with […]

Book Review – Befriend

Book Review – Befriend

Scott Sauls urges readers of Befriend to consider widening their pool of potential friends to include others with whom we may not agree or who are different from ourselves. The life of Jesus recorded in the Gospels offers ample justification for such a practice and Sauls asks (page 18), “Don’t you love how Jesus welcomed […]

Book Review – Searching the Scr...

Book Review – Searching the Scriptures

As a longtime reader of Chuck Swindoll’s books I was not disappointed by his latest delivery, Searching the Scriptures. I’ve often wondered how Swindoll finds so much to share with his readers (and listeners) in the Scripture passages he dissects. In ten chapters Swindoll reveals the method of Bible study that has served him well […]