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Book Review – Championship Grandfathering

Championship Grandfathering

On February 3, 1852, Henry David Thoreau wrote these words in his journal, “The forcible writer stands boldly behind his words with his experience. He does not make books out of books, but he has been there in person.” That description readily applies to Championship Grandfathering, the new book from Carey Casey. Casey writes from the trenches of serving in the role of grandfather to nine grandchildren, and the wisdom he shares reflects that hands-on involvement.

I’m well into my second year as “Grandpa” and the title of this book drew me in. I want to be a good grandfather, living and leaving an example for the little ones who follow. Casey warns often in his book that time has a way of speeding by and we need to be deliberate in embracing our role. He counsels, “When you’re handed the ball called ‘Grandpa,’ don’t drop it.”

Championship Grandfathering is an easy read sprinkled liberally with examples from Casey’s life. The practical wisdom arrives in a conversational format, and I felt as though the author had his arm around my shoulders sharing rather than thumping through a sermon from a pulpit. While the book’s appeal may be stronger for a believer in Jesus Christ and does contain helpful Scripture references, the advice in the book applies to all men who desire to be good at “grandpa-ing.”

Casey ends each chapter with a set of Action Steps to enable the application of the teaching. Among the items is one that resonated with this writer, the idea of creating a “dump the bucket list”. Grandpas have adventures and experiences that may benefit or at least entertain the grandkids. Why not be deliberate in communicating those episodes through story-telling or print before the history is lost?

Intertwined in the text is advice on helping and encouraging children as they learn the role of parenting. Casey teaches grandpas to observe the boundaries in assisting rather than controlling the parenting of the grandchildren, and he counsels us to open our storehouse of accumulated father power in a way that benefits all three generations.

Father’s Day is coming soon. Championship Grandfathering would be a great item to add to the gift list for the grandpas in your sphere.

Note – Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of Championship Grandfathering to facilitate my review.

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